Senior DevOps Engineer M/F

Full time

 4 months ago

This role is fully remote, you can be located anywhere in Europe.

One goal: to make our hybrid-Cloud DevOps platform the leading DevOps tool in the world

Sounds like a plan, right?

Your challenge

  • Short term: work in total autonomy on internal and external customer requests
  • Midterm: take the lead and manage customer projects from A to Z and start contributing to the product
  • Long-term: contribute to the high-level roadmap of the company and be part of major discussions about future features and developments

You are a key asset to the DevOps team, both ​providing services, and automation on Cloud solutions for our clients, and ​participating in the development and ​R&D of Cycloid.

You ​are a real client/customer-facing point of contact. You ​participate in the Proof-Of-Concept with our customers, being a real partner with the sales team and contributing as ​Presales.

You ​design architecture, collaborate with developers to fix problems, and provide long-term solutions. ​Your experience includes managing web services on Onprem infrastructures (troubleshooting) as well as some knowledge ​of cloud providers' products (not only VMs and instances but also designing infrastructures).

You like to pass on your knowledge ​to others, colleagues, or clients. They are your biggest pride. ​

We work in feature teams so, as you can imagine, you will closely collaborate with our Design, Backend, QA, or Sales teams in all projects you’re involved in.

If you can support us in getting things shipped, that you code well the first time and in a timely manner - all the while maintaining good communication (with a great gif game), you will be truly welcome!

What you should bring to the table

Your Must-Have includes:

  • OS: Linux
  • Automation: Terraform, Ansible
  • Containers: Docker/Kubernetes
  • Monitoring: Prometheus, Grafana
  • DB: MySQL, Redis, Elasticsearch
  • Development/scripting: Bash, Python, Golang
  • Cloud Providers: AWS and/or GCP and/or Azure
  • Design and maintain infrastructures
  • French and English proficiency

Your Nice to have:

  • Experience with CI/CD tools
  • Cloud Provider Certifications

Your best qualities

  • a positive mindset (You are able to identify problems and discuss them in a positive & open way)
  • a wish to share your ideas and knowledge with others and be listened to, on every topic regarding the company, not only code
  • a true passion for both customers and DevOps topics
  • Remote work lover
  • A team player who believes that contributing, sharing and managing yourself is enough

How we manage from now

Join us in creating the future of DevOps! ​

  • Send us your CV or Linkedin ​at
  • Meet with Benjamin
  • Meet a member of the DevOps Team to introduce you to the Tech test 
  • Meet with the team at large after the test review
  • We check we are all on the same page during a cultural fit
  • ...and we set a start date! 

Cycloid is committed to providing equal opportunities for everyone, so don’t think twice: contact us! We’ll be glad to chat no matter what.

What we bring to the table

Working together should be a win-win situation for everyone involved. Here is what we bring to our side of the table :

  • A great autonomy
  • A collaborative environment where your opinion matters
  • Holidays policy: 46 days off per year (including bank holidays)
  • 100% remote work: live and work from home across Europe
  • Home office setup up to €1200 (including device)
  • Choose your own device spirit
  • 2 workshops per year somewhere in EU
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