Senior AWS Engineer

 Skill Deploy
 a year ago

Headquarters: TN

Job Function: Senior AWS Engineer
Employee type: Contract 
Industry: Software/IT 
Seniority Level: 5 years +
Company: Skill Deploy
Job Description

Successful candidate: 
Skill Deploy is searching for a talented Amazon Web Services engineer who can take ownership of our development process while helping us maintain a culture of excellence. Ideally, you've been there, done that before. 
You'll be joining our client's first-rate team as a key-player, providing leadership and oversight . 

You're a good fit for this role if you:
- Are AWS certified 
- You're able to work with a team in the EST time zone
- Have experience managing infrastructure with Terraform
- Are able to manage scaling with Kubernetes
- You're motivated and accountable
- You communicate at a high level while staying in constant contact with your team and project managers.

About the Role: 
- We are forming a team of A-players to reconstruct and enhance the cloud infrastructure of a large corporation in the financial industry
- Beginning work at phase 1 with subsequent phases to follow
- Top-pay remote contract position

- You'll partner with our client and other members of the AWS team to craft highly scalable, flexible and resilient solutions 
- Provide oversight and leadership as you apply your skills towards solidifying platform security, addressing IAM, and networking. 
- Build new features and improve existing features to meet customer needs along our product roadmap.

Desired Skills and Experience: 
- Responsible and communicative!
- 5+ years of experience as a certified AWS engineer
- Excellent understanding of cloud optimization, security assessments, and cloud management.
- Ability to work in a remote team environment. Self-driven, organized and motivated to deliver results.
- Strong attention to detail while understanding and implementing strategies that follow industry best practices.
- You understand and can help to implement a Zero Trust approach to networking
- You can put together a plan for development, security, and optimization
- You understand the "lift and shift" approach for migrating applications to the cloud

- Contract position. Contract - to -hire is a possibility
- Flexible work schedule 

About Us: 
Skill Deploy
Company - Software - 10 - 20 employees

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