Site Reliability/Platform Engineer

 Sydney, Australia
 a year ago

Headquarters: Sydney, Australia

Vero is a multi-channel messaging platform built for the modern data stack. Modern marketing and product teams all over the world use Vero to automate communications with hundreds of millions of end-users.

With nearly a decade's experience in this space Vero is undergoing a transformation that is putting it on an exciting new trajectory. We've recently launched a new take on our product: a version that sits directly on top of customers' data platforms like Redshift, Google BigQuery, Snowflake and more. This is a massive shift that gives teams easier access to their data, faster and for less cost.

Vero is looking for a Site Reliability/Platform Engineer to join us on our journey and to help us build the future of messaging automation.

As a company, Vero works hard to ensure a friendly and empathetic working environment. We aim for as little politics and ego as possible, we believe in inclusivity and work to understand and support each other at every turn. We're proud of our culture and if these values sound on point to you, we'd love to hear from you!

About the role
We’re looking for a senior platform engineer to architect, develop and manage our infrastructure. Along with the other members of our platform team you will be responsible for the reliability, security and scalability of our infrastructure.

You will have strong practical experience with AWS, Docker and Terraform. You have real world experience with real-time, event-driven data pipelines and technologies such as Kafka. You have experience in scaling SQL-based data stores such as PostgreSQL (Amazon RDS, Aurora).

You will be on call as part of our platform team rotation. We have platform team members in the USA and in Australia and your rotation will generally be during standard daylight working hours CET. You will be on call during weekends (and your compensation will reflect this).

Vero believes in sustainable growth. Our default posture is not "billion dollars or bust". As a result, we are a small team that deliver big things. You need to be a “manager of one” to succeed in this role.

  • Implement changes that improve the stability and reliability of our existing platform. Think ahead and build for the future as opposed to bandaid fixes for today. We aim to balance “getting things done” with work that improves our velocity and long-term outcomes.
  • Build robust, easy-to-use foundational platforms and tools that enable engineering teams to provision services rapidly, consistently, and securely.
  • Develop tools and applications that use clean, efficient code, ensuring code quality and standards.
  • Be part of our on-call rotation, owning the EU hours 9am-5pm CET, and respond to operational incidents during on-call hours.
About you
Does this sound like you?
  • You are interested in building for the long-term, have a strong problem-solving ability and the aptitude to consider the big picture when solving engineering challenges.
  • You have a passion for building high quality web application experiences.
  • You strive for elegant solutions that are as simple and effective as possible.
  • You have an interest in and respect for both the latest technologies available on cloud providers, as well as traditional solutions.
  • You have excellent communication skills and a willingness to collaborate on ideas.
  • Experience and strong interest in databases and data storage (PostgreSQL, Redshift), key-value stores, messaging, and distributed systems.
  • Experience delivering projects at scale and making sound engineering choices to set us up for future growth and success.
  • Analytical mind with problem-solving aptitude.
  • A strong fundamental understanding of backend components such as databases, web protocols and networking.
  • Coding/scripting knowledge in Bash, Ruby, Python, Java or a C-based language.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Experience working in remote teams.
  • Experience with Go or Rust.
  • BSc/BA in Computer Science or a related degree.
  • Contributions to major open source projects.
  • Competitive salary. We pay in the top quartile, based on Sydney (AU) salary data wherever you are located. Sydney has a similar cost of living to cities like Tel Aviv, Austin, Portland, Oslo and more: making it very competitive. We pay everyone the same, regardless of geography.
  • Flexible work. Work in the way that produces your best results. Many of our team members work from home one day a week, others come to the office every day and many are completely remote. We’re committed to helping you feel like you can be the happiest and most productive you.
  • Yearly team conference. We host an annual team conference to get together as a team, challenge the status-quo and expand our vision for the future.
  • Parental leave. We offer a generous parental leave policy.
Vero is an equal opportunity employer. We are a participant in programs like Project F's Program 50/50 and are endorsed by Australia's Work180. These programs help us identify underlying systemic and environmental issues that are known to derail women in careers in technology so that we can address them head on and create a truly equal workplace.

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